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Welcome to Caravan Chai.

For those of you who don’t know us we are a chai company that was organically created out of the Messin With Jim Coffee caravan. 


We started crafting our own chai blends back in 2020 when we first opened the windows of Messin With Jim. Jim (Kayne), our head barista and owner has a background in tea and with many years experience couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make his own signature recipe. With its ever growing fan club we started experimenting with different flavours and ingredients and with the help of some amazing friends, family, cafes and roasteries we now have a whole range of Chai.


Caravan Chai is your wealth of knowledge to help promote, educate and encourage people to try chai and appreciate how great this awesome beverage can be when given the attention and time it deserves. 


We've carefully sourced super high quality ingredients for our blends and invite you to not only give them a chai but to follow our journey as we grow and expand our Community right here. #yippeechaiyay

You can purchase our delicious chai blends. Click here.

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