About Us

Hey there!

We’re Emily and Jim, and if you don’t know us yet, we’re Caravan Chai, the fun-loving chai company that sprang from our coffee caravan, Messin With Jim. Our wild adventure began in 2020 when we started whipping up our own chai blends at Messin With Jim. Jim, our head barista and chai wizard, has a serious love for tea and just had to create his own magical recipe. With a growing fan base, we started mixing and matching all sorts of flavours and ingredients in search of that ever-elusive perfect cup. With a little help from our awesome friends, family, cafes, and roasters, we now have whole range of chai blends ready for you to enjoy.

In our wacky world, we wear many hats. Emily is our social butterfly, curating most of the fun stuff you see online and in person. Jim, the detail-obsessed chai master, is always tinkering with our chai, constantly brewing up new teas, processes and flavours and making sure every cup hits the spot, every time. We’re at our happiest munching on a smorgasbord of delicious foods, sipping chai, and sharing wholesome moments with our community, friends & family.

Caravan Chai is all about spreading the chai love, educating the masses, and getting everyone to see just how awesome this drink can be when it’s made with the care and attention it truly deserves.

We can’t wait for you to give them a try.

Come along for the ride and follow our journey as we grow and build our chai-loving community.